Commonly asked questions

How far along is the company?

We are currently in a development stage of our product and company.

The stage of development has been at a Alpha level meaning we are now deploying 'beta' to a small subset of clients.

We anticipate that the world will be able to use our YSO product within the next two-three months.

What if I have a problem with the software?

We have a support staff standing by to help with any problems you may encounter.

Our goal is to make your social media marketing smooth, easy and productive.

How much does each of your services cost?

Our services are very affordable and are tailored to each size of organization.

For some only a small 'startup' fee and minimal re-occuring fee is required.

For social media influencers we receive a percentage of proceeds.

What about confidentiality?

Pennexx and 'Your Social Offers' is founded on the pretext that privacy is principle right of our users.

Niether Pennexx or 'Your Social Offers' will never sell or make available personally identifying information to a third party.

Do you provide training or consulting on social media and / or related products?

Yes, our team is focused on creating opportunities for business.

Sometimes those opportunists may be seen by the customers and not yet implemented.

'Your Social Offers' is a direct result of a customer requesting help to market through social media, our product grew from that.

Why should I choose Pennexx?

Pennexx believes that by helping customers succeed we can grow along with you.

It is a compelling opportunity to partner to reward the business and the world!

Let's get started