We create social media opportunities for marketing your business

 Buying ads on search and social media is effective, but expensive. Just like word of mouth, in the real world, social media organic campaigns are inexpensive and very effective.


Your Growth Potential

Nothing beats a friends recommendation!

When a company wants to start a social media campaign, their first question is "how do we do it." This question usually falls to whomever they trust for technology advice. There are no ubiquitous solution to be offered. The field of social media is very wide therefore suggestions from DIY and/or SEO recommendations are expensive.

We aim to fulfill the promise of success on social media!

Pennexx Foods Inc. through its acquisition of YSO is working to address the needs of these businesses. Your Social Offers (YSO) is going to deliver on the promise of social media success with a platform designed for business to quickly, easily and afford-ably create rewarding social media campaigns.



Portal or Smart-phone App Login

The business owner logs into the web portal or smart-phone application and creates their preferences for campaigns.

The portal guides the business owner through the setup process of choosing the options that best meet their business needs. These could include ad campaigns, social media campaigns, website analytic services, in store advertising and/or loyalty reward programs.


Portal Delivers Campaign Solutions and Assets

Once the user has chosen the options that they desire, the system generates a solution and the necessary assets for campaign success.

These assets include URL links, QR codes, instructions to setup social media interactions. Instructions to sign up your loyalty customers. Digital coupons, printable signs and banners advertising specific to the particular campaigns and rewards can be downloaded, printed or ordered for delivery.


 Management and Reporting

Once your campaign starts, our system generates immediate feedback regarding the success of the plan and reports can be viewed and downloaded at any time.

YSO technology is constantly tracking the success of your campaigns and using business logic, machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitor and recommend the best options to optimize the success of your campaign.

Are you interested?

We would love to discuss any business or related opportunities and if you are an investor or press we welcome you to contact us.