PENNEXX has an experienced group of directors, board members and advisors. Its CEO has been looking for a opportunity to create a organization that can grow virally, organically and provide a great benefit to its customers.

 Our advisors consist of individuals with industry experience is a wide breadth of industries, including food, franchise and technology.

 PENNEXX will be a technology company that acquires and integrates products that can build and market businesses on social media.



Our leadership team

Vincent Risalvato

Chief Technology Officer

"The simplest solution is usual the right one.", Occam's Razor

About Vincent

Mr. Risalvato is a Computer Scientist and entrepreneur. He has created and sold companies worth more than 20 million and products of Mr. Risalvato's design ship internationally.

He has also been accepted by the courts as an expert in the field of computer science and his testimony has been relied upon to determine the outcome of billion dollar cases.

Sunny Sweet

Chief Marketing Officer

"The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing!", Tom Fishburne

About Sunny

Ms. Sweet has been successful creating and marketing businesses for two decades.

Her innovative concepts tap into the desires of customers and create opportunities businesses would otherwise not access.

She engages with the enthusiasm and attention on every endeavor and her team can be relied upon to deliver!

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