Our Company


 Pennexx is a technology company that is acquiring and developing novel methods of helping businesses grow using social media. We were originally in the food processing business and after it ceased processing operations, we began looking for the next business opportunity.

Analysis revealed three areas of tremendous growth potential: Social Media Marketing, Financial Technology (FinTech) and Crypto Currency. These areas were identified not only as having major growth potential within themselves, these areas can leverage one another and can benefit from artificial intelligence.


Our Mission


Our mission is to use new and exciting technology to create products and services that effectively grow our client’s businesses. Our products and services are geared to benefit our clients and shareholders.


Our Plan


Pennexx is currently in various stages of rolling out our products. Some products are in development and other products are in a beta testing launch.


While in beta launch, product access is limited while we fine tune our programs for greatest customer success to our clients.


Pennexx will fully launch its products when they can be smoothly transitioned into production. We will continue to develop products as well as additional features when they are ready.


 Beta launch customers will see our new programs and features before the general public.


With this process, we will be able to assure our clients that when we do launch our products they are fully developed and the functionality of our programs will be of the highest quality.


Our customers can feel confident in utilizing this exciting technology and be ready to go viral.



Are you interested?

We would love to discuss any business or related oppertunties and if your an investor or press we welcome you to contact us.



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