03/30/2020 Keeping Social Distance and Supporting Merchants continued operations and recovery...Read more.

03/12/2020 Pennexx Begins Working With Social Media Agency "LEVERAGE". Read More.

02/11/2020 Pennexx Succeeds in Launching a Growing Number of Beta Sites and Looks to Its Bright Future. Read More.

02/07/2020 Milan Saha, Esq., Outside General Counsel for PENNEXX, Has Made a Statement About the Company...Read more.

2/5/2020 Pennexx’s CEO Vincent Risalvato Has Made a Statement About the Company...Read more.


1/30/2020 Pennexx Has Submitted Its First Patent, is Launching Its First Product and Releasing a Video,...Read more.

1/8/2020 Pennexx Takes Next Steps Building Its Business...Read more.

11/9/2019 Vincent Risalvato Appointed as CEO. Our board of directors has the greatest confidence in Vincent.

11/6/2019 PNNX Enters Into Agreement With Vista Money to Launch Its Worldwide “YSO” Pre-Paid Debit Card...Read more.

10/23/2019 PNNX Acquires Triple 888’s Logistics Inc., and its Intellectual Property “Bit Gift”™...Read more.

10/16/2019 PNNX Discloses a $34.9 Million NOL and Completes Your Social Offers Acquisition ...Read more.



OTC Markets trading services, market data and corporate services. It helps to create a better informed and more efficient platform for investing in over the counter stocks. ...Read more.

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