March 30, 2020

Keeping Social Distance with YSO

During this trying time, it is important for everyone to maintain social distance and help slow the spread of COVID-19. This means a dramatic change to everyone’s life, but it is a change that is critical to saving lives.


On April 6th, YSO will be opening its merchant portal to the world allowing retailers to spread the word on Facebook that their stores are safe, open and available for take-out and delivery.


YSO can help support the economy by raising awareness of products available from retailers and small businesses. According to the FDA, we can make these purchases safely.


The US Food and Drug Administration says, “Currently there is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with the transmission of COVID-19.” See their website at


Social distancing practices work to prevent the spread of the disease while continuing to conduct business and buy our favorite products.


There are still many stores open for take-out, curb side pickup and delivery.


People are unaware of what retailers are open and conducting business safely. YSO helps announce that retailers are open when they create rewards on our portal.


When customers request these rewards, they will post on Facebook about their experience and their friends will see what stores are open.


Many people are watching Facebook, but there are few posts about available goods and services. We hope by offering the YSO service free for 3 months, we can raise awareness of the product and services that are available.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and we wish everyone the best.


Spread the word and help flatten the curve using YSO.

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