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Whose in your Circle?


Everyone who matters

YourSocialOffers allows everyone and anyone to be a part of your circle. The influence we gather for those we trust is worth more than just an advertisement by itself. Those in our circle prosper in the deals and rewards that everyone finds, earns, uses and shares. Tired of coupons that are expired or scam websites that say they offer a code but almost never works.

Crowd Sourced deal verification from people in your circles, people who do what you do and buy what you buy, validating the deals they find and sharing them with you.

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is currently in 3rd revision beta testing

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Connected Financially,

taking Social to a whole new level

Imagine the rewards you receive for sharing, buying and influencing simply showing up on a debit card ready to use. You get rewarded every time those in your circle use your deal shares, or for every deal you influence to your followers.

DealPay makes the most of your social connections

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evolving and finding its way through strategy & innovation
Creating the next Social Paradigm

PENNEXX Technologies is quickly becoming a leading provider of socially connected and influenced direct marketing opportunities existing within and without social media platforms.

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Reach and Frequency within Social Media

is currently sitting at a level unprecedented within the Multi Billion-Dollar playground and continuing to grow, while new ways of socializing content and interaction are innovated.

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