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Creating the next Social Paradigm

Within examples of todays most common daily experiences comes a new horizon of tactical marketing with immense scaleable growth and at-hand community access to tens of thousands of users. This shift in experience combines our need for the things that make our lives complete and societies need to support and enrich the lives of those we interact with. PENNEXX closes the gap by connecting an organizations marketing budgets directly to the customers who have the need or desire for these items, circumventing profile mining and many of todays common marketing gimmicks and bringing communication directly to the hands of those who would fulfill these connections.

Socially Connected

Directly Influenced

PENNEXX Technologies is quickly becoming a leading provider of socially connected and influenced direct marketing opportunities existing within and without social media platforms.

Connected to your people

Defining our existence

Our very existence revolves around leveraging the success of connecting people through social connections, but taking that purpose and reinforcing continued engagement. We live at a cross section of social connection and business growth opportunities.

We have a plan to get there

It's called Digital Transformation

The right product & vision leads...

PENNEXX has the vision for the right products to connect in the right way with the right people. The current state of digital transformation for sellers and buyers has plateaued and is open ground for a new visionary to leverage a commonality amongst customers that brings a daily life changing experience. When the right vision connects products with users you can call this a good direction. When that vision changes the way people do things you call it Digital Transformation. A transformation that happens as a result of an Experiential change in the way people have done things up to now!

...The right purposeful engagement

PENNEXX Technologies see our current state of society at a fulcrum of bringing technology into everyones social networks. We see an opportunity to build engagement with our consumers that benefits merchants and consumers alike. When purpose and engagement come together real progress can be made. This means saving consumers money and helping businesses grow their customer base. Doing so in a fun, entertaining way makes that engagement even more powerful.

Leveraging Social Media

Reach &


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Reach and Frequency within Social Media currently sits at an unprecedented level within this Multi Billion-Dollar playground and continues to grow. As new ways of socializing content and interaction are brought to society. PENNEXX sits at the forefront of a new frontier of socially competent and fulfilling methods of accumulating worthwhile and relevant money savings opportunities for our users while creating a new multi level audience of customers for our clients.

Leveraging between the lines of Social Media, PENNEXX has created a new paradigm for all sides of the commerce dimension. Allowing profit and growth from the results. Growth for the business, rewards for the customer & a way for influencers to capitalize on their grass roots efforts. This presents a win for all parties involved.

PENNEXX sees the current state of society requiring a a bit of course correction, a course for the good of all of us. We see Social Media playing a much larger role in all forms of communication, reinforcing the things you believe in. Why not use a socially proven method to reinforce the things that make daily change in our lives, connecting us with the things we need and a way to save money getting them. With prices going up in this current economical state could this be the next evolution of social driven experience? Could procuring the things you need and want drive your actions based on the savings you could leverage? PENNEXX believes it can.

The need for socially structured business growth comes in ways that help those who seek the products or services your organization offers, repetitively invigorating itself via the social method and getting the story of what you offer into the hearts and minds of those who seek it... in a way to invokes motivation to act on what is being offered.

Leveraging Social Media

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