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Crowd Sourced Business Growth

Pennexx Technologies views crowd sourced communications as the foundation for business growth in deal seeking collaborations amongst socially connected individuals. Social campaigns account for 47 Billion course changing events per year, why not use this force of communication power to grow the audience who uses what you offer.

Multi layered

Shared business growth through crowd sourced collaborations and influencers creates multiple layers of sharing and interaction. Growth potential far beyond what single engagements achieve.

Word of Mouth

"Nothing beats a qualified referral", is the statement we have all heard before. Crowd sourced opportunities mimic this intent with the speed of remote communications.

Societal push

Society has called for support of each other and the ability to lift each of us up in ways that bring success and sharing while connecting humankind to very core of who we are.

Within Reach

Crowd sourced opportunities are always within reach as is the device that that sits ready and beside you at all times. Communicating money savings opportunities is only a few clicks away.

Deals that come to you

Crowd Sourced takes the "I got You!!" approach a whole lot farther. Deals come to you by automated DealSeek and those who are part of your circle who share based on like minded interests.


Reward yourself and reward those that matter to you in one shot. The more you share the content you seek the more rewards are gathered by those in your circle.... and you!


Whose in your Circle?


Everyone who matters

YourSocialOffers allows everyone and anyone to be a part of your circle. The influence we gather for those we trust is worth more than just an advertisement by itself. Those in our circle prosper in the deals and rewards that everyone finds, earns, uses and shares. Tired of coupons that are expired or scam websites that say they offer a code but almost never works.

Crowd Sourced deal verification from people in your circles, people who do what you do and buy what you buy, validating the deals they find and sharing them with you.

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When I am looking to save money

Customers look to each source to find the types of things that will draw them to an actionable purpose. Through social communication of savings and availability, the cost savings come to you through a crowd sourced engine driven by those in your personal circle. Think about it, the people you follow on social media are considered either your 'friends' or someone you want to hear from, an influencer perhaps. An actor tells you of his latest movie and you go see it, maybe you had not heard of it before or you had just forgotten, but now you act. An influencer tells you of a pair of Jeans or shoes they just bought and you add it to your list. But what of cost savings? This is more than just the entertainment value of a movie suggestion or a fashion item that you want. This is real, it combines the things you want with an associated savings and best of all it can come from someone you know and trust either form an influencer or from someone directly within your circle of friends.