Our Approach to Corporate Governance

We believe that the company and shareholders best interests are served when the company is engaged in honest and open communication about the company’s financial and governance activities. Therefore, we have created a Code of Conduct and are constantly analyzing both day to day activities as well as our long-term strategy to make sure that the company operates in a legal, fair and moral manner that protects and helps our shareholders, employees and clients.

Our board of directors are committed to the interests of our stockholders, employees and clients are always considered.

The company has also created an audit committee with independent board members to make sure that our financials are accurate, internal controls strong and that our policies are consistent with or exceed industry norms.

We are committed to building a strong reliable company with accurate and reliable reporting and repeatable growth.


Pennexx’s leaders bring decades of diverse experience and a history of success.

Vincent Risalvato, CEO

Mr. Risalvato is a Computer Scientist and entrepreneur. He has created and sold companies worth more than 20 million and products of Mr. Risalvato's design ship internationally. He has also been accepted by the courts as an expert in the field of computer science and his testimony has been relied upon to determine the outcome of billion dollar cases.

Sunny Sweet

Ms. Sweet has been successful creating and marketing businesses for two decades. Her innovative concepts tap into the desires of customers and create opportunities businesses would otherwise not access. She engages with the enthusiasm and attention on every endeavor and her team can be relied upon to deliver.

Joe Candito

Mr. Candito has a Master's Degree in Management and Supervision from Central Michigan University with an extensive history as a business consultant, entrepreneur, investor, and in commercial real estate development. Mr. Candito has over 30 years of experience in technology, marketing, sales, management, retail, consulting, and franchising experience.

Joseph Caruso, Board Member

Mr. Caruso, is a recognized industry leader in cybersecurity, computer forensics, and eDiscovery. Mr. Caruso has been in the computer technology business since 1980 and was featured as a technology expert regarding high-profile cases on CNN Headline News, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, FOX Business's Varney and Company, as well as WPIX News New York.

Michael LaBelle

Mr. LaBelle is the Corporate Controller for Ross Education, Inc. in Township, MI, a private, coeducational institution that offers Diploma, Associate, and Bachelor programs. Mr. LaBelle brings sixteen years of operational, financial, and accounting experience in the higher education sector.